In 25 years, the sea level has risen by 7 centimetres: satellites are watching

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In 25 years, the sea level has risen by…

The Earth is drowning in water by leaps and bounds. According to the latest research, sea level has risen by a full 7 centimetres over the last 25 years, i.e. about 3 millimetres per year. Worse still, this growth is accelerating. This is one of the most serious consequences of climate change, and scientists have been warning us about it for decades. The sea level rise poses a great danger to millions living on continental coastlines.

Therefore, international organizations are already implementing different initiatives to quantify the real risk and be prepared to confront it. In Europe, for example, the Sentinel family of satellites was put to work. In fact, several reports on sea level variation have recently been prepared thanks to the images of the Earth’s surface taken by the Sentinels. Specifically, the first goal achieved by Sentinel-3A, a satellite launched in 2016, was to detect variations in average sea surface level through radar imagery.

The goal is that regions such as southern Spain, western France, most of the Netherlands, north-eastern Italy and thousands of kilometres of other European coastal areas are able to foresee critical trends that might lead to natural disasters related to sea level rise.