Did you know that the food eaten by astronauts floats in their stomachs?

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Did you know that the food eaten by astronauts…

Ever heard of the remarkable weight loss of astronauts after spending some time in space? This is not due to extra-hard diets or long gym sessions. According to biochemical and nutrition specialists, gravity is to blame.

Humans float in space off the Earth, and the food they eat does not stand still either. Microgravity causes food to move inside their bellies, colliding with the walls of their stomachs and making them feel satiated. Their body may need to eat more food, but gravity will make the brain think your stomach is full and cancel your hunger.

In any case, don’t imagine sausages or triple hamburgers spinning around like in a washing machine. To keep astronauts well fed, the ISS team designs a balanced diet during the previous months, consisting of three courses a day, including frozen vegetables and desserts, refrigerated foods, fruit and dairy products, all of them adapted to orbital conditions. What’s the favourite? Dehydrated food. Yes, the ancestor of those Chinese noodles you cook in your microwave and you utterly love.