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My #eurospacechanger would be for the EU to adopt a law for LGBT couples to adopt a child because right now only a hand full of countries allow it. This would also help to find a home for children that are currently up for adoption.
My #EuroSpaceChanger would be same respectful people to eliminate racism and bullying
Let’s build a Europe where everyone can happily live in, free of war, free to speak, free to work, free to love, free to move, a sustainable Europe where we are all equal, where we, Europeans, are one people #EuroSpaceChanger
#EuroSpaceChanger MAKE EUROPE GREAT AGAIN Free of discrimination, get it, great
The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes #EuroSpaceChanger
#EuroSpaceChanger I want to fight against corruption with the help of my studies in Economics and the innovation in technologies!
#EuroSpaceChanger Would love to lead an official European home swap scheme where people can holiday in each others countries for free!
My #EuroSpaceChanger is a renewable energy for all and to avoid changing climate
The EU should continue funding projects in deprived areas as well as ensuring greater quality of life in crisis hit areas like Greece and areas in which there has been a large amount of refugees - ensuring that they too have good quality of life #eurospacechanger
#EuroSapceChanger Imagine a "realtime googlearth" showing you live traffic maps, or a free parking just around the corner
@EUSpaceChanger #EuroSpaceChanger Should revise the law on oil consumption. Plastic is devastating the oceans and contaminating millions of marine and some endangered species. And do not fight the plastic with material made of plastic because it makes no sense.
#EuroSpaceChanger We need to take action for the environment NOW. We have already left it too late, but still nobody seems to be prioritising it. The oceans need to be cleared of plastic, and countries need to look at becoming fully dependent upon renewable energy.
@EUSpaceChanger #EuroSpaceChanger Travelling aroun Europe and making a world feminist, without racism and without LGTB+ phobia would be a dream, and I can't wait to show everything that I have to change the situation and make a bettee place to live in.
I would promot a better administation in paying taxes all over Europe. To prevent an imbalance in the development of our Nations and let citizens have more possibilities of earning money and administrating activities. #EuroSpaceChanger
The key of greatness is UNION. My #eurospacechanger would be for a unity between every country, because every single country of Europe has something good to show. Germany, Italy, France, and others are all beautiful countries that can be together in peace and in glory.
Texto: My #EuroSpaceChanger would be the reduction of food wasting by donating unsold food from supermarkets to all those in need instead of throwing it away.
To spread the equality to spread the love #EUROSPACECHANGER
#EuroSpaceChanger what about a contact lens capable of taking pictures and recording videos of your life whenever you want at the best quality and directly save it to your smartphone!? It would be life-changing!!
#EuroSpaceChanger How great would it be if Europe (as a community) stopped worrying only about money issues and actually started helping its members? Like the non-democratic moment Spain is living or the problem with refugees in general
#EuroSpaceChanger I would spread equality because it doesn't matter where you are from, ir you're Asian, African, American or European, or how are you, bisexual, homosexual, heterosexual, rich or poor. We are human and we can make better world beginning from Europe. Meeting people from everywhere to discover their culture and spend a lot of time having fun with them. That's what I would do just be from everywhere and nowhere
I would like to make a change where everyone in Europe has the same holiday off of work meaning more integration on holidays amd time to learn about each other's cultures #EuroSpaceChanger
Invirtiendo más presupuesto en la búsqueda de nuevas tecnologías ecológicas e ir cambiando las antiguas, buscando menos contaminación y más calidad de vida. @EUSpaceChanger #EuroSpaceChanger
#EuroSpaceChanger it would be perfect if unfair laws disappear, if all people could be happy and enjoy our lives while caring about the others and the place where we live, our Earth
#EuroSpaceChanger I would make consumers more aware of products which were made using slave labour and impose heavier sanctions on companies which are involved in such a practice (mainly clothes and tech from places which have less stringent labour laws).
One day I want to be able to help the EU to better manage the situation of immigrants, allowing them to live in better conditions and integrate more in their new host country. #EUROSPACECHANGER
My #EUROSPACECHANGER would be to make each citizen of the Europe feel really part of it, like one big country which cooperates for our happiness. Actually sometimes we don’t pay enough attention to Europe and we think about it in a bad way because of economic distress and immigration. It’s time to change our minds! Only after that we can start creating our Europe.
#EUROSPACECHANGER I’d like to feel the values on which the EU was built. I’d like to see an EU free from the economic point of view and projected towards a future based on culture and general solidarity between people
My #eurospacechanger would be to crack down on inequality on all fronts; whether that be inequality of the sexes, race or sexuality of a person. In order to do this, I think organisations and companies should be more carefully analysed for the prevention of this when hiring and a living wage should be initiated to deliver more equality and better quality of life for all. I think everyone has the right to be themselves and express themselves and, with the existence of a living wage, inequality will go down, expression and creativity will go up and people will generally be more happy. 🙂
@EUSpaceChanger Create a social network where people manage their data and decide for them the foresight of what they share. And for each personal die sold a percentage of the money would go to humanitarian aid #EUROSPACECHANGER
Let's be wild..#EUROSPACECHANGER let's share the love all around Europe, just you and I Let's be free Let's live today ignoring where we are going to arrive tomorrow and not caring about it
#EuroSpaceChanger Would love to see a European social network that shares ideas, oppurtunites and trades personally made products without any constraints.
My #EuroSpaceChanger would be a renewed democratic order with an unique government for the whole Europe
I want for Europe to appreciate the oceans and our waters. Clean up the pollution and discover its secrets #EuroSpaceChanger
#EuroSpaceChanger A virtual screen projected in our field if vision to help us to comunicate, search information and guide us whenever we need it. If course non-invasive and absolutely disconnectable. The Next level of smart phone
#EuroSpaceChanger Promote a new European Union with contemporary changes: New political ways, ecology cities and respect diversity.
My #EuroSpaceChanger is free #Interrail for all.
Let’s change Europe, making a more united one. With my study in economy and businesse I hope i will contribute to create an Europe with a unique foreign policy and laws respecting and evaluating every country’s features. #EUROSPACECHANGER
Getting highschools to pay more attention to mental health issues and acceptance towards the LGBT+ community. Also I’d like to make a change for the amount of forests being removed, because we take away habitats of animals. #EuroSpaceChanger
Everything transdisciplinary, always. Also, encourage self-organisation, take power away from the governments. Increase mobility across borders. #EuroSpaceChanger
#EuroSpaceChanger day by day I'm more aware that most of people don't know enough about science and this is extremely dangerous for our society. Europe should start a project to improve knowledge about science not only in schools, but also for adults.
My #eurospacechanger would be to make democracy interesting and understandable for everybody, not only for intellectuals and well educated people #unitybydiverisity
#EUROSPACECHANGER I want to find myself, discover new amazing places & meet new fantastic people. I think that a journey like this is also perfect for my mental health. 🗺🌈🌼
Madrid - 05-2018 🛫🇪🇸 #madrid #españa #eurospacechanger #dream #familyvibes
My #EuroSpaceChanger is to find a solution to help the environment, to find the way to survive with the renewable energy, like the beautiful wind turbines in the background of my photo. I live in Italy and our government just finished the renewable resources of this year, and we aren't even at half of the year yet. I want a change that starts from the old world, Europe, a change that can make the world a better place, and the life a bit better for our next generations. 💙🌊🌍
To build a europe full of colours. #eurospacechanger 💞