This is a miracle: there’s no such thing as snoring in space!

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This is a miracle: there’s no such thing as…

Snoring has broken up lots of couples. Thousands of methods have been invented to suppress snoring: putting a dish with an onion and salt by the bed, sleeping on one side, putting on special patches, taking refuge in self-help… In many cases, all efforts are in vain. In space, however, these problems do not exist. If you snore at night, go up there and your problem will just disappear.

Why do astronauts not snore? The key is in weightlessness. The explanation is very simple: microgravity clears the airways and reduces tissue vibrations.

Not snoring does not mean that astronauts sleep more in space. One of the drawbacks of being an astronaut is, in fact, sleep deprivation. Some say that staying in the International Space Station means suffering a never-ending jet-lag.

What’s the reason? Here on Earth, our biological clock adjusts to sunlight. That’s impossible in space. When orbiting the planet, the sun dawns and sets every 45 minutes. A total madness that some try to avoid using sleeping pills.