The odd trick that astronauts use to get a shower without gravity

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The odd trick that astronauts use to get a…

Astronauts have almost no room for themselves, let alone for a shower tray. The life of astronauts up there is about adapting, even for such routine tasks as daily hygiene. That’s why engineers have been developing new techniques that will make the International Space Station (ISS) astronauts smell of roses without almost touching a sponge.

We are not fully aware of this on Earth: water is crucial for many more things than we would imagine. In spacecraft, water is used for drinking, cleaning, cooking and, above all, scientific experiments. The process to provide the crew with water is far from simple. The ISS can only generate 24 litres of water per day by recycling liquids and air. The rest of the water arrives to the station through a delivery order (replacing motorcycles with space shuttles).

To overcome this hygiene shortage, the ISS incorporates some basic kits to replace traditional toiletries: water bags, sponges, dry soap and shampoo, all in tiny portions.

The second option (and it seems to be the ultimate one) goes even further in saving both water and equipment. Wet wipes might be the solution to be neat in space. No conditioners or hair masks, in order to cut down water consumption. Will we ever add this routine into our earthly lives?