Venus: the only planet in the Solar System where years are shorter than days

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Venus: the only planet in the Solar System where…

In our planet, timings are structured exclusively around Earth’s rotation on its own axis and its orbit around the Sun. The movement of the Earth around the Sun marks the years; while rotation marks the days. What would happen if things were the other way round?

This is what happens on Venus. Venus is the only planet in the Solar System where days are longer than years. One year on that planet equals 225 Earth days, while its day lasts 243 Earth days. That is, a day on Venus is 18 days longer than a year in the same planet. This allows our neighbour planet to hold another record: its days are the longest in the entire Solar System.

We may wonder: why is this happening only in Venus? Not satisfied with merely having longer days, Venus also rotates differently. Unlike the rest of planets in the Solar System, Venus rotates counter-clockwise. It is believed that, millions of years ago, when the Solar System was forming, Venus was hit by a huge asteroid, which altered its axial rotation.