The wheels on your car are real pro thanks to astronautics

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The wheels on your car are real pro thanks…

We won’t go too far and say that the wheel was invented in space. We’ll give that credit to Mesopotamians. However, engineers did their bit so the rounded, wooden device created several millennia before Christ would become the tires in your car today.

Back in the 1970s, a well-known tire manufacturer, had a brilliant idea: creating space parachutes that, believe it or not, were five times stronger than steel. And it wasn’t about superpowers, not even close. The key was in a molecular structure that would make these parachutes (and future Mars landings) a big success.

After showing their talent for space equipment, the creators of this innovative material wanted to bring their idea down to Earth, and make it useful in everyday life. Where? Yeah, exactly: in your car wheels. This is how tires got stronger and, particularly, more durable. These new tires could cover 17,000 kilometres more than the conventional ones!