Did you know Wi-Fi is available on planes thanks to a satellite?

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Did you know Wi-Fi is available on planes thanks…

Maybe you’ve flown in one of these before. Several airlines offer now a Wi-Fi service in their aircraft. This was unthinkable some time ago. Four little curved lines of happiness for many!

Now, you can call your loved ones to let them know your flight will be late, surf the web during your trip, send work emails or even text your Friday date. Everything thanks to satellites, including those launched by Europe.

How does it work, though? At first, engineers tried to use ground antennas, but quality was poor and the data took ages to load. So improvements were made, and a conclusion was reached: the best thing was for the aircraft itself to carry an antenna and router, which in turn would connect not to a ground antenna but to a satellite from above.

This cutting-edge technology can provide 12 Mbps speeds and its operation is similar to the Ku and Ka bands, more than enough to go on a TV-series spree while for instance you go across the pond from Europe to America.