Your braces are made of the same material as satellites

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Your braces are made of the same material as…

Hardly anyone is happy to wear braces. In the long run, they will reward you with a beautiful smile, but if you’ve worn them or are thinking of doing so, you know it’s a drag. What you may not know is that your brackets may now be made of a material that’s almost invisible, thanks to the space industry. That’s good to know, huh?

When they became popular, dental braces were just a jumble of iron pieces with a mission to straighten out your teeth after a few months. But everything is different now. In 1987, a company developed the so-called transparent polycrystalline alumina (TPA), a very tough material used to protect missile-tracking, infrared antennae in satellites. That’s when someone yelled ‘Eureka!’. The following step was to create new, much more inconspicuous, almost unnoticeable dental braces.

That’s how the famous invisible braces came into our lives. TPA had it all to succeed in space but also in orthodontics. Another company later cooperated with the aerospace industry to aplly this material in everyday life, so it turned into a great asset for the orthodontic profession. Your braces feel different now that you know they were born thinking in outer space, right?